Two new Odd Year remixes

I know it’s been a bit quite on the Odd Year front as of late, but I just finished up two remixes you can now listen to on soundcloud.  I did them both for Color Theory‘s new remix ep titled, The Silence.


I fell in love with Backseat off of Color Theory’s latest release, The Sound and when the opportunity arose to remix it, I couldn’t resist.  This track has the classic depeche mode melancholy to which I wanted to do a more “widescreen” edition of.  Hence the rain and thunder efx on the track.

Color Theory – Backseat (Odd Year Remix) by oddyear

Song Named After A Girl:

The single off the album and a track I approach with a more “bare-bones” mentality.  This was done mostly with the bassline that runs throughout and minimal synths except for the chorus sections.  I am not a fan of the typical remix, i.e., just speed up the vocals or only use a snippet of vocals and then slam a house beat underneath.  I usually take the approach of re-visioning it and asking myself what I would do if I had Brian in the studio to record a new track.  I like the stark contrast of a deep bass with Brian’s voice and really wanted to highlight the melody he wrote for the chorus.  Hope you all enjoy.

Color Theory – Song Named After a Girl (Odd Year Remix) by oddyear

Color Theory is the music outlet for one Brian Hazard, who is also known for his mastering production house, Resonance Mastering.

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