Review of “Need to Know” from EP2 by Eunice Hilario



A warm review of “Need to Know” by Eunice Hilario via her blog, “Awkward Music Junkie”.  Here’s a snippet:

Today The Reverb Junkie & Odd Year announced that their second collaborative EP has been released. I am a fan of both, so I had a hunch of what to expect. If you don’t know who these guys are, The Reverb Junkie is NBC’s The Voice, Michelle Chamuel, and her alternate EDM persona is The Reverb Junkie. In the summer of last year she released her debut album, All I Want. I’d also like to point out that she posted my cover on a song of hers on her TRJ tumblr last year. Check it out hereOdd Year, also known as David Gonzalez is a music producer/artist/programmer/remixer all within the EDM genre. Y’all know me, I like my EDM from time to time. :)


You can read the entire review here.  Thank you Eunice, appreciate the time you took to write your initial reaction to the song.



Michelle Chamuel (aka The Reverb Junkie) is in the Finale!


In my busy schedule, I have neglected to post on this site that my music partner in crime, Michelle Chamuel (aka The Reverb Junkie)  is currently on The Voice on NBC.  Not only is she on The Voice, but she’s made it to the Finale this coming Monday.  Which leads me to requesting a small favor from Odd Year fans: We are going to need everyone’s help by voting for her this Monday.  Here are couple examples of why you should vote Michelle: